Yoga with Heenal

About Me

I attended my first yoga class as a teenager. Like all new students, I wasn't sure what was happening, but I knew that I felt amazing afterwards. I was inspired to be as healthy as our teacher, a lady that was in her sixties and could move better than I could!
Of course, yoga is more than a physical practice, and over time my studies deepened in to spirituality and philosophy, and continue to do so.

These are the main training courses that I have completed:

Any good yoga practitioner and teacher is always a student. I continue to support my practice and education through attending regular classes as well as workshops, trainings and retreats run by inspirational teachers from across the world.

"Heenal teaches with a great deal of insight and kindness. Her classes are a perfect cure for a busy lifestyle and a part of my week I always look forward to." Mark

"The perfect combination of relaxation and exercise! I have been attending Heenal's yoga class on a weekly basis since July 2015 and can see a noticeable difference in my overall well-being. The classes are always full of fun and positive energy." Mel

"It's always a rejuvenation for the soul to be under your teachings, thank you Heenal xo" Anna