Yoga with Heenal


How to prepare for class

What to bring to class

The following will make the class more comfortable for you.

You might like to bring other equipment such as a small cushion, blanket, yoga block - but none of this is required.

Yoga is a shoe-free zone. This is in line with Indian philosophy - keeping things clean and being respectful not to bring dirt into a sacred space.

What to expect from the class

We open the yoga practice with some time to settle our mind and body into the space. There is an opening prayer, this is a beautiful way for us to honour each other and set a sacred space for our study. You can find the words and a soundclip here.

From here we move to some somatic movement to tune into our body. This then weaves into yoga practice.

The end of the movement part of practice is savasana, a time to fully relax. This is a valuable part of the practice which allows your nervous system to wind down.

At times we weave in meditation and breathing practices (also known as pranayama).

Finally, we end with gratitude and a moment to wish all beings well.