Yoga with Heenal

My Philosophy

I believe that yoga should be a well rounded practice looking at the body, mind, breath and soul. This practice should nourish us and challenge us. It is my intention that each class leave us feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and reconnected to ourselves and to our community.

Body – we practice yoga asana with a sense of strength and safety to allow us to feel better and more at ease.

Mind – we practice observing our thoughts and taking our attention away into our body and our breath to facilitate relaxation.

Breath – without due attention to our breath, we may as well be practicing gymnastics. Breathing well will help you get deeper into asana and go a long way to calming your mind.

Soul – yoga translates as attuning or yoking or union. This practice reconnects you to yourself, your heart and ultimately the 'God' you choose – religious, spiritual, or otherwise.

Seva - Related to the soul of the practice, Seva is a key part of yoga for me. Seva translates as service, heartfelt giving.
Yoga helps us become calmer, more aware and more empathetic towards other beings. It is through this that I would like to give back to the community and the world.

Firstly, I hold donation based classes twice a year where all proceeds go to help two charities close to my heart. Find your Feet and Yogi Ashokananda Foundation. In 2106 we raised £750 for these charities.

Secondly, money should not get in the way of you practicing yoga with me. If you are serious about beginning a practice but cannot afford my class fee, please get in touch with me and lets chat!